It’s huge. Go ahead and read it all if you want, or just use your browser’s search function if you’re looking for something specific. A better way to get a grasp of Studiometry’s feature set is is through the free 30 day trial or our free training movies.

System Compatibility:

  • macOS versions 10.15, 10,14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10
  • Windows 10, 8, 7

General Tracking Features:

  • Track Clients
  • Track Vendors
  • Track Projects
  • Track To Do’s
  • Track Debt/Credits and Work items
  • Track Invoices
  • Track Reports
  • Track Purchase Orders
  • Track Incoming Payments
  • Track Retainers
  • Contact Logs, with customizable filterable Types
  • Accounting information including business expenses and recurring expenses

Project Tracking:

  • Track Project Information such as name, start date, due date, more
  • Track Project Categories and Statuses (based on customizable lists)
  • Live/Non Live Feature allows you to archive the Project within the program
  • Color code Projects based on Category, Status, or Custom colors
  • Unlimited Custom Project Fields know as Project Specs
  • Project Spec suites allow you to easily add Multiple Specs to a Project
  • Track Project Related Files on your local machine
  • Project File Actions automatically start and stop timers when opening and closing project Files
  • Access, Download, Upload, and Check-Out Served Files from your Studiometry Server
  • Project-Specific Default timers and Timer rounding
  • Associate a Project Image for each Project
  • Project Specific Tax settings and Tax behaviors
  • Pro-Bono Project Options
  • Public/Private Project Options with the ability to assign or block employees from each Project
  • Project Notes and Logs
  • Project Default Currency
  • Track Project Work item as Debt/Credits
  • Create Invoices from tracked Work items
  • Project Templates based on To Do and Spec suites will automatically set up your Project upon creation

Project Planning:

  • Project amount Quoted and Estimated hours fields
  • Project amounted Quoted and Estimated hours can be entered, calculated by categories, and itemized based on Debt/Credits
  • Project Budgeting, Estimating, and Quoting features
  • Specific hourly and amount totals and comparisons for each Debt/Credit type
  • Printable Estimates and Quotes
  • Generate Estimates and Quotes using the Reports features
  • Project Specific GANTT chart
  • Multi-Project GANTT charts
  • Company wide GANTT chart
  • GANTT chart dependencies
  • GANTT chart employee assignments
  • GANTT chart milestones
  • GANTT chart color coding
  • Project specific To Do’s
  • Assign Employees to specific projects
  • Associate Contacts with specific projects

Work/Expense Tracking:

  • Track billable items and expenses
  • Item Modes include Billable, Non-Billable, Purchase Order, and Estimated
  • Track hourly work items via Timers and Time Sheets
  • Track recurring expenses
  • Track discounts and deposits
  • Description List Tracking capabilities will Auto-Fill common Work Item Descriptions
  • Customize Debt/Credit types with default rates and tax settings
  • Non-Billable Option for tracking work that will not be added to invoices
  • Track Quantity and Unit Price, also allowing you to use the built in Inventory features
  • Mark-Up Options
  • Per-Item Rates and Hour tracking, with individual Ran-Times
  • Per-Item Tax options allow you to assign specific taxes to specific types or items

Time Sheets:

  • Enter large amounts of data quickly using the Time Sheet features
  • Studiometry automatically assigns rates based on your settings for Client, Project, and work type
  • Modify, create, and delete multiple items simultaneously
  • View Time Sheets based on Client, Project, Employee, and Dates
  • Print and Export filtered Time Sheets

Rates and Timers:

  • Keep and unlimited amount of Rate types
  • Assign Rates based on employee, client, project, or specific
  • Associate timers with specific employees
  • One-Button Timer starters for each Client/Project using specified rates
  • Run One or Multiple Timers simultaneously
  • View Real-Time totals for all timers
  • Idle-Time alert options give you the ability to keep or remove billed time when your computer goes idle
  • Enter large amounts of work using the Enter Time Sheets feature

Client/Contact Tracking:

  • Client Name, ID, Email, Address, Notes, and more
  • Track Client Category with customizable list of categories
  • Live/Non Live Feature allows you to archive the Client within the program
  • Track Projects, Contacts, To Do’s, and Payments associated with Clients
  • Client Retainer Tracking
  • Retainer Custom Adjustments
  • Track an unlimited number of Contacts for each Client
  • All Standard Contact information fields including Names, Title, Email, Address, Phone Information, and more
  • Contact Picture used throughout Studiometry
  • Contact Billing information Tracking
  • Contact Log Tracking Capabilities
  • Contact Notes
  • Syncing Options on a Per Client basis for Apple’s Address Book
  • One Button map and direction lookup with the ability to specify which map site to use

To Do/Event Tracking:

  • To Do Tracker for filtering, viewing, editing, and printing lists of To Do’s
  • Description List Tracking capabilities will Auto-Fill common To Do Descriptions
  • Assign To Do’s to Clients or Projects, or leave the To Do as independent
  • To Do Priorities
  • Due Dates and Times with notifications of over due and upcoming items
  • To Do Extra Info tracking
  • To Do Next Step Tracking
  • Assign Specific Employees to each To Do
  • Repeating capabilities allow you to have a to do repeat every day, week, month, year
  • Customizable Suites allow you to easily add multiple To Do’s to a Client or Project

Summarizing and Reporting:

  • Generate customizable, multi-tiered summaries
  • Store, load, export, and import templates and preset summary formats
  • Filter summaries based on item mode, category, status, filter string, dates, and more
  • Filter the calendar based on Employee, Client, Project, and Search strings
  • View, print, and export custom summaries


  • View Invoices, To Do’s, Events, and Project Due dates in the built in Calendar
  • Monthly and Weekly views
  • View Each employee’s specific calendar
  • Filter the calendar based on Employee, Client, Project, and Search strings
  • Easily drag the mouse on the calendar to create Events or To Do’s

Contact Logs:

  • Track interactions with Contacts
  • Customizable Contact Logs Type list
  • Assign Logs to specific Projects
  • Track hours for Contact Logs
  • One-Button Debt/Credit creation lets you easily bill for Contact Logs
  • One-Button To Do/Event creation lets you easily add Contact Logs to your Studiometry calendar
  • Contact log tracker allows you to easily search through logs based on Client, Project, Contact, and a search string

Payment Tracking:

  • Payment amount and Currencies
  • Payment methods Credit Card, Check/Money Order, Cash, Online, and Other with specific fields
  • Assign Payments to Clients, Projects, Invoices, and Contacts
  • Assign Payments to Client Retainers
  • Payments assigned to Invoices to calculate the remaining amount due for the Invoice
  • Payment totals for Projects, Clients, Invoices
  • Built-In Payment tracker with ability to filter by Project, Client, and Dates

User Info:

  • Company Contact, Address, Phone Information
  • Company Logo
  • Payment Terms
  • Tax ID Information
  • One-Button Company Info Import from Apple Address Book
  • One-Button Company Info Import from Studiometry Server

Invoice Templates:

  • Invoice Template System
  • Numerous built in and modifiable Visual Invoice Templates
  • Numerous built in and modifiable Code Based Invoice Templates
  • Numerous built in and modifiable Visual Report Templates
  • Numerous built in and modifiable Code Based Invoice Templates
  • Multi-Page output and printing of Code Based Invoice and Report Templates
  • Multi-Page templates, output, and printing of Visual Invoice and Report Templates
  • Hundreds of Variables allow you to add any information track in Studiometry into your Invoice Templates
  • Completely Customizable Templates
  • Built in Visual Template editor allows all users to drag and drop elements of an invoice template to show the desired look and information
  • Page Layout features, including Text Boxes, Variable Items, Pictures, Graphic Objects, Data Columns, Data Rows
  • Built in Code Template editor allows advanced users to enter code which Studiometry will manipulate and export
  • In-Program Email features
  • In-Program Printing
  • PDF Export
  • Plain Text Export
  • XML Export
  • HTML Export
  • JPG Export

Employee Features:

  • Track unlimited Employees
  • Assign Employees to To Do’s
  • Assign Employees to Projects and GANTT chart items
  • Assign Employees to Debt/Credit work items
  • Assign specific log-in information for each Employee
  • Admin and Standard Employee types
  • Employee Specific Default Timers
  • Track Employee Contact Info
  • Employee Notes
  • Automatically Tracks Employee Attendance Record based on server connections
  • Employee Reports allow you to export employee information for specific Time Periods
  • Can copy permissions between Employees
  • Per-Employee permissions to limit access to the following parts of the Program
    – View Client Data
    – Edit Client Data
    – Create Delete Clients
    – Create Vendors
    – Edit Vendors
    – View Vendor List
    – Assign Items to Vendors
    – View Contact Data
    – Edit Contact Data
    – Create/Delete Contacts
    – Edit Projects
    – Edit Project Info
    – Edit Project Settings
    – Edit Project Files
    – Edit Project Planning
    – Edit Project Notes
    – Edit Project People
    – View Project Summary Tab
    – Create/Delete Projects
    – View Debt/Credits
    – Edit Debt/Credits
    – View/Edit Other Employees’ Debt/Credits
    – View/Edit Other Employees’ Projects
    – View/Edit Other Employees’ To Dos
    – Create To Dos
    – Edit Timers
    – Edit other Employee’s Timers
    – Create Time Sheets
    – View Time Sheets
    – View Rates
    – Use Inventories
    – View Inventory Totals
    – View/Edit Payments
    – View/Edit Accounting Sections
    – View/Edit Invoices
    – View/Edit Reports
    – Edit Employee section of Preferences Window
    – Edit Tax Settings
    – Access Served Project Files

ID Numbering:

  • Sophisticated ID Numbering Options
  • Separate Client ID, Project ID, and Invoice ID formats
  • Format Templates with available tags for entering information directly into the ID
  • Invoice ID behavior allow tracking ID numbers based on Project, Client, or Program Wide
  • Project ID behavior allow tracking ID numbers based on Client, or Program Wide
  • Identical ID Notification asks you what to do when multiple items of the same class have the same ID number
  • Invoice ID management section of Invoice Tracker allows easy comparison and resolution of identical ID numbers
  • Specific Tags Available include Client, Project, or Invoice number, Date information, and more

Security Options:

  • Password Protection
  • Data Encryption
  • Idle-Lockout Options
  • Per-Employee Login and Password
  • Employee Specific Permissions


  • Server/client networking features built in to the program
  • Automatic Synchronization of all Program Data
  • Mac and Windows networking compatibility
  • Local and remote networking abilities, connect to your over your LAN, or the Internet
  • Multiple Time Zone support with automatic relative time zone detection
  • Wired and wireless network support
  • Automatically checks and synchronizes updates to machines that were not connect to the network on the next connect
  • File Serving
  • Check-In/Check-Out feature for shared files


  • Quickbook .iif files
  • Expense Report Information
  • Invoice Tracker Information
  • Payment Tracker Information
  • To Do Tracker Information
  • Invoices and Reports
  • Client List Export Wizard
  • Contact List Export Wizard
  • Project List Export Wizard
  • Time Sheet Information
  • Summaries Window gives you the capability to export HTML or text based summaries of clients, contacts, to do’s, projects, debt/credits, invoices, reports, and payments sorted and filtered based on many fields

System Syncing:

  • Sync directly to and from Apple’s Address Book
  • Automatically Create an Address Book group for Studiometry contacts
  • Studiometry has the ability to only sync certain contacts with Address Book, giving you control over what is synced
  • Studiometry does not require Apple’s Address Book, as it tracks contacts locally in the Studiometry database
  • Sync To Do’s, Due Dates, and Project deadlines to iCal
  • Updates and changes made in iCal automatically sync back to Studiometry
  • Status Item menu appears near the Clock on Mac OS X systems allows access to the program and features

Mail Merge:

  • Send mass email to specific Clients or Contacts
  • Create Subject and Message content with tags for specific data including Contact Information as well as specific Balances
  • Send the email directly through Studiometry with the in-program Email features
  • Send the email through Apple Mail using a built in Apple Script

Tax Settings:

  • Maintain an Unlimited number of Tax types
  • Customize Name and Percent for each tax
  • Tax Rounding Capabilities
  • Several Tax modes, including Standard, PiggyBacked, and Canadian
  • Associate taxes with entire projects, or specific items
  • Associate taxes with Debt/Credit types

Currency Settings:

  • Maintain an Unlimited number of Currencies
  • Automatic Online updating of Exchange Rates
  • Option to save Exchange Rates on a Per-Item basis for Debt/Credits and Payments, allowing for more accurate data preservation
  • Currency Sign, Online Tag, Exchange Rate, and symbol placement options
  • Currencies can be set for work items, projects, clients, invoices

Billing Settings:

  • Payment Terms
  • Tax ID Number
  • Invoice Due-In Days allows you to specify how Studiometry will calculate the due date for newly created invoices
  • Timer Inactivity features allow you to have Studiometry ask what to do with timers when you go away from your computer with running timers
  • Timer Rounding Settings
  • Always Round Up option

Color Coding:

  • Color Code Projects and Clients
  • Set up automated Colors for Project Category, Project Status, or Client Category
  • Option to Color associated To Do’s, Invoices, Payments, and all items in the Search Window
  • Set specific clients or projects to override color automation

Program Memory:

  • Auto-Complete Capability for the Debt/Credit and To Do editing window
  • Option to turn on/off the auto-complete feature
  • Option to turn on/off the auto-complete description capture
  • Editing Window for the Auto-Complete List
  • Abbreviations allow you to type a small string and have Studiometry automatically replace the string with a longer string
  • Import and Export Abbreviations
  • Option to turn on/off the abbreviations in the Debt/Credit and To Do description fields
  • Option to turn on/off the abbreviations in the Debt/Credit and To Do extra info fields

Miscellaneous Preferences:

  • Automatic Data Backup
  • Backup Limitation options by size, number of files, time period
  • Automatic Program Update checks


  • Manage multiple company data files using the built in Multi-Company features
  • Built-In Studiometry Tips viewer
  • Status Window shows saving status, network status, and more
  • Customizable Toolbars saved on a Per Employee basis
  • Alerts window shows when Invoices, To Do’s are overdue, or when Recurring Debt/Credits have been created, or when Automated Invoices are created
  • Auto-Fill combo boxes allow for easier selecting of Clients and Projects

Multiple Localizations:

  • English
  • German
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese (European)