Updated Interface

Accounted 3 debuts a new, modern look. The interface has been completely reimagined, making it cleaner, sleeker and easier to-use. The program as a whole has been updated to be more readable, making it easier to browse through your accounts and transactions. We’ve even updated the icons throughout.

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Better Currency Support

You asked for it. We listened. Account-specific currencies, improved exchange rate updating, and several other currency-related features have now been added to improve Accounted’s ability to manage transactions from around the world.

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Over 25 More Updates

Accounted 3 boasts several other brand new features and updates. The People window has been enhanced with many powerful new capabilities, including mass deletion and merging. Elsewhere in the program, you can also duplicate transactions and set new filtering and display options for the accounts list, along with much, much more! For the full list of updates, click here!