What devices can I use Studiometry Touch on?
Studiometry Touch works with any iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

What version of Studiometry do I need to sync with Studiometry Touch?
Studiometry 12.0 or newer is required for syncing with Studiometry Touch 2.0. Studiometry 7.1 or newer is required for syncing with Studiometry Touch 1.x.

Why are Studiometry Touch 2.x and 1.x available at the same time on the App Store?
We wrote a knowledge base article to explain this in detail. Click here for more information.

How do I transition from Studiometry Touch 1.x to Studiometry Touch 2.x?
Please see this knowledge base article for more information.

Does Studiometry Touch work without Studiometry?
Yes and no. You can create a database, track your work and to dos, and even create invoices using only Studiometry Touch. More advanced tasks such as creating estimates, entering rates and employees, using custom templates, summarizing your data, and countless other features require syncing with Studiometry Cloud or Studiometry on your Mac or PC.

How much does Studiometry Touch cost?
Downloading Studiometry Touch from the App Store is free. However, Studiometry Touch only has limited functionality until you sync it with Studiometry. Studiometry Touch is included in the price of Studiometry Cloud. If you’ll be doing direct syncing without a Studiometry Cloud account, syncing with Studiometry requires a license that costs $39.95 USD per device per year.

Why do you charge a yearly fee?
We constantly work to update our products, adding new features and enhancements regularly. With Studiometry and Accounted, we build these new features into optional upgrades (11.x to 12.x, for example) so each user can decide when and if they’d like to upgrade. Studiometry Touch is regulated by Apple’s App Store, which does not give developers the ability to sell discounted upgrades. Because of this, and because of our plans to constantly add quality and stability to Studiometry Touch, we will be charging a low yearly fee for the product.

Do I need a server?
If you use Studiometry Cloud, you do not need to set up any server. If not, and you use Studiometry in a networked environment, you can simply enable Studiometry Touch syncing on your server machine. If you’re a single user, your current copy of Studiometry will be used as your “server.”

Can I access my data without an internet connection?
Yes. Just like in Studiometry, you can access and edit your data even if you do not have an active connection to Studiometry Cloud or your server. Studiometry will track all changes and sync them back to the server the next time your device connects to the server.

Can Studiometry Touch sync with Studiometry on a PC?
Yes. Studiometry Touch can sync with Studiometry running on a Mac or PC. Just like with Studiometry for the desktop, the application itself can communicate seamlessly over operating systems. Your network can consist of any mix of Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads.

Can I sync my data between Studiometry Touch and iCal/Address Book?
Yes. You can set Studiometry on your Mac to sync with iCal and Address Book. This will then transfer the information to your device using the standard syncing functions for your device.